About Zoolax inc :
Zoolax inc. is a Canadian company and a collection of game lovers like you. Once you have played our games, you are part of the Zoolax family; no matter where or who you are. We are highly skilled developers that are crazily passionate about casual gaming. Through your devices, our mission is to deliver the joy of the ultimate entertainment experience to you, your family, your loved ones and your friends.
At Zoolax, we focus on making the games that we dream about and ones that we, ourselves, truly love to play. Everyday, we search for new ideas and new ways of thinking about games. We do our best on a daily basis to recreate and reintroduce fun in a fresh fashion. We are dead serious about that, my friends. So, keep in touch with us through social media and support us on this challenging journey. Here’s to you with heartwarming love from the icy colds of Canada.
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