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Do we need to get a little escape from the reality of life? I know I do.

As experienced game developers, we love to create games that get us excited. What We Do? We create brain puzzle apps and free addicting games . We really need you to accompany us in this journey and help us to make great games. Active mind, Better future is our motto.

We create classic brain puzzles free addicting games for all smart-phone platforms.

As a game example: One of our products is called “Sea of Giant”. It has been #65 in the adventure app category in Google Play. Considering there are more than one million apps out there just on Google Play. free addicting games top charts Of course we can both try it for free. Our main focus is to create an amazing experience for us and our friends. Zoolax Inc. is a casual gaming focused corporation.

Do we need a little me time?

That is why We create free arcade games.

Free addicting arcade game

Free adventure games:free adventure games screen shot and we have some fantastic horror games coming up. Free addicting games is our main interest, since we are addicted to playing them.

We are transparent with our CREATIVE GAME ideas.

How we show it?

  • Through our art & design videos  blog, completely free of charge.

  • We are the only game company who brain storm our ideas  with you.

  • We believe there is an  artist in all of us, and we want to see it bloom.

  • As mothers , fathers, sons and daughters we are creative in our own Ways.

  • That is one the reasons we might be attracted to games.

So keep in touch with us as we love to brainstorm with you for our future games.

Let’s make the most fun and free addicting games together. Let’s brainstorm about game characters, Game World ideas, And other exciting subjects. Free Game art Design

Click here to check out our art blog and subscribe.

We are doing our best to make our free games available on all platforms. At the moment you can find our free addicting games and brain puzzle apps on Amazon app store, iTunes, Google Play and Nook app store.
These games will be on windows phone soon enough as well. Make every moment adventurous with our new releases on the iPhone, Android, Blackberry & Windows mobile platforms.

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